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SSL Certificates

Through us, you can ensure your site is secure

SSL Included

Our hosting and web development includes SSL Certificates to your domains for no additional cost. As a result, SSL enables the green padlock in browsers which reassures visitors that they’re on a safe and secure site.


Extended SSL

People with large ecommerce sites may prefer an Extended SSL to display in addition to the standard certificate. However, this has no additional features and is considered an optional extra and consequently not always needed for many people.

An Extended SSL comes at a cost ranging £50-£250 a year. This will keep the status level high and can be arranged if required.


Standard SSL will give a single domain protection to keep your website secure while remaining cost-effective.

For example, this would cover: and

A Wildcard SSL can be shared among any number of subdomains on your site. This can be cost effective as it saves you needing to pay out for additional SSLs.

For example, this would cover:

Boost conversions and rankings in one simple step

SSL gives your website the padlock or green browser bar, reassuring visitors they’re safe on your site. Google favours secure sites so it helps to increase your search engine ranking.